Dyckerhoff AG, Lengerich Plant

Aggregate Storage Facility


This project concerned a storage facility, external dimensions approx. 100 metres long by 27 metres wide, height approx. 25 metres, divided into seven storage areas. The structure is concrete, with a trapezoidal sheet metal roof, and comprises a control room, a number of feed hoppers and conveyor belts, two fully automated 60 tonne gantry cranes, steel platforms, stairways, and catwalks.

Aggregate is delivered by trucks and unloaded onto the tipping area, then distributed by the gantry cranes to the storage areas or into the feed hoppers. The building is strengthened both lengthwise and crosswise by a reinforced concrete framework. The angle bracket walls between the supports are based on continuous strip foundations with built-in pockets for the frame supports. Square-section hoppers inside the building dispense granulated slag, sand, tailings, and iron oxide compound.

Engineering Services Provided:

  • Application Planning for German Pollution Control Approval
  • Cost Estimating of Project for Budgeting
  • Tender Specification for Excavation Work, Concrete Work, and Steel Work
  • Tabulation of Comparative Pricing, Preliminary Allocation of Tenders
  • Participation in Allocation of Tenders
  • Creation of Implementation Planning: Structural Calculations for Manufacture of all Concrete and Steel Components and for Foundation, Shell, and Reinforcement Planning   
  • Creation of Supervision and Installation Plans
  • Associate Construction Supervision
  • Invoice and Quantity Verification
  • Reinforcement Inspection

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