Dyckerhoff AG, Lengerich Plant

Truck Loader


The truck loader is a steel structure (external dimensions approx. 10 metres length, 8 metres wide, 18 metres high) reinforced with brackets and a lengthwise and crosswise framework system.

Within the structure there are three steel platforms, mounted at different levels (9.40 metres, 10.90 metres, and 14.90 metres), and steel stairways leading from one platform to another. The flooring of each platform is made of textured anti-slip metal sheeting, while the stairways are made of latticed sheeting. The steel verticals which support the structure have an articulated connection to the base plinth.

Engineering Services Provided:

  • Application Planning for German Pollution Control Approval
  • Cost Estimating of Project for Budgeting
  • Tender Specification for Excavation Work, Concrete Work, and Steel Work
  • Tabulation of Comparative Pricing, Preliminary Allocation of Tenders
  • Participation in Allocation of Tenders
  • Creation of Implementation Planning: Structural Calculations for Manufacture of all Concrete and Steel Components and for Foundation, Shell, and Reinforcement Planning   
  • Creation of Supervision and Installation Plans
  • Associate Construction Supervision
  • Invoice and Quantity Verification
  • Reinforcement Inspection

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