Dyckerhoff AG, Lengerich Plant

Aggregate Silos


This construction project was for a silo installation, having a ground area of approx. 22.5 metres by 10.2 metres and reaching a height of 50 metres, on an industrial site in Lengerich belonging to Dyckerhoff AG . The plant consists of a rectangular silo base building supporting two circular concrete silos and a steel structure hinged to the roof of the silos at a height of 32 metres. The plinth of the silos, which is supported on the exterior walls of the silo base building, is 2.00 metres thick.

The walls of the silo base building were built as right-angled structural elements, while the walls of the silos were built as circular structural elements with a 9.00 metre diameter. The two silo shafts are joined together by a central structure. The internal hopper funnels are made of stainless steel sheeting and the main support structure is also of stainless steel.

Engineering Services Provided:

  • Application Planning for German Pollution Control Approval
  • Cost Estimating of Project for Budgeting
  • Tender Specification for Excavation Work, Concrete Work, and Steel Work
  • Tabulation of Comparative Pricing, Preliminary Allocation of Tenders
  • Participation in Allocation of Tenders
  • Creation of Implementation Planning: Structural Calculations for Manufacture of all Concrete and Steel Components and for Foundation, Shell, and Reinforcement Planning   
  • Creation of Supervision and Installation Plans
  • Associate Construction Supervision
  • Invoice and Quantity Verification
  • Reinforcement Inspection

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