Original Project Description |


The sculpture is composed of two elliptical towers made out of sand-lime plates, stacked to resemble a DNA double helix. The name Breath was chosen to refer to a basic principle of life which all human beings have in common. From within the towers voices can be heard softly singing music from major world religions. The towers are intended to remind us of the spiritual and genetic affinities that unite mankind, and call to mind the Tower of Babel, minarets, and Brancusi’s Endless Column.


The Sculptors:


Shirazeh Houshiary

born 1955 Shiraz (Iran)

lives and works in London


Pip Horne

born 1951 Birmingham (UK)

lives and works in London

Engineering Services Provided:

  • Consultation with Sculptors
  • Positioning, Selection of Materials, Structural Implementation
  • Creation of Production Templates
  • Construction Supervision

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